Why You Should Take Regular Septic Tank Maintenance Seriously

Posted on: 28 July 2020

Managing wastewater in your home can be a big problem without an efficient septic tank. However, a septic tank may not help you manage wastewater more efficiently if you don't maintain it in perfect shape. It's one thing to install a septic tank in your home, and it's another thing to have a regular maintenance plan for it. 

To make your septic tank more efficient and reliable and extend its lifespan, you should get an expert to inspect, clean and pump it out regularly. See why you should take regular septic tank maintenance seriously.

1. Goodbye Sewage Backups

Most sewage backups occur when you don't pump out the tank in good time, allowing it to get too full. Sewage backups can be dangerous both to your family and property. Raw sewage contains pathogenic microorganisms, which usually cause deadly diseases such as hepatitis A and other illnesses like leptospirosis. If you don't keep the septic tank in good condition and make it more efficient, your family might suffer from various sewage-related illnesses. This means they may experience unpleasant nausea, diarrhoea, fever and vomiting. However, proper septic tank maintenance ensures the wastewater doesn't overflow or backup and that your kids, pets and property are safe.

2. You Avoid Unnecessary Repairs and Costs

Owning a septic tank is usually an expensive responsibility sometimes. If you don't offer the right maintenance, the unit might develop various problems one after the other. Moreover, you may also spend a lot of money on repairs yearly as a result of undetected leaks and cracks in your septic tank. Any homeowner who overlooks septic tank maintenance may have devastating sewage damages to fix. Cleaning up the sewage damage is costly. You may also incur more costs if you have to replace some building materials as a result of sewage damage.

3. It Helps You to Catch Problems Early

An expert in septic tank maintenance can notice various developing problems when pumping out or inspecting the tank. If you don't inspect the septic unit often, you may not know when it develops cracks or when the pipes that drain wastewater into the tank develop minor blockages. When these problems aren't identified and fixed early, they may eventually be dangerous and more expensive to handle. However, you can avoid such issues by offering routine septic tank maintenance.

Where possible, you should come up with a proper septic tank maintenance plan. Get an expert to inspect and pump out the tank at least once every three years. However, you should do it every year if your family is large or if you use a garbage disposal system in your home. If you offer your septic tank the regular maintenance it deserves, you will catch problems in good time, avoid sewage backups and keep unnecessary costs and repairs away.